TTT Ride Tuesday, February 11 @ 9:00am

The ride for Tuesday, February 11, will be out to the Rinconada Summit and back, with refreshments at Starbuck’s.  Here are the details: Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial of the Atascadero Lake Park. Ride east on Amapoa, turn righton Curbaril, through the intersection with El Camino Real and follow Curbaril as it... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, February 8 @ 9:00am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, February 8, goes to Shandon by way of the Chicago Grade and Highway 41. From Shandon, riders can decide for themselves whether to turn around and head back to Atascadero in an out-and-back route, or to loop around and return by way of Shell Creek Road and Highway 58. The most direct out-and-back route covers 55.2 miles and includes 3267 feet of elevation gain. Continue Reading →

TTT Ride Thursday, February 6 @ 9:00am

Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer than the last few days with a temperature at the start of 45 degrees.  Not exactly summer, but better than it's been.  The monthly 'Social Ride' is on the agenda. Should be approx 37 miles. The ride for Thursday, February 6, will be the El Pomar Loop, via Rocky Canyon and... Continue Reading →

TTT Ride Tuesday, February 4 @ 9:00am

Tomorrow morning is forecast to be very cold.  For those hardy enough to show up at 9:00 am, here's a ride for you.  I will probably not be in attendance. The ride for Tuesday, February, 4, will be the O’Donovan Road version of the Creston Loop, then back to Starbuck’s, for refreshments. Here are the particulars: Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, February 1 @ 8:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, February 1, is the Union Loop, taking the long way around to Paso Robles, by way of Highways 58 and 229 and Creston, Geneseo and Union Roads. The prescribed return route to Atascadero is by way of Peachy Canyon Road.  Please note that the route includes a potentially adventurous crossing of the bridge being built over the Huer Huero Creek on Geneseo Road. We will literally have to figure... Continue Reading →

TTT Ride Thursday, January 30 @ 9:00am

The ride for Thursday, January 30, is the Adelaida loop, clockwise,stopping at Joebella’s for coffee.  Here are the details:   We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial of the Atascadero Lake Park. We will head east on Amapoa, turn right at Curbaril, proceed through the intersection at El Camino Real and turn left on Santa Ysabel. Then we will turn right on Highway 41 and left on Templeton Road. We then stay on Templeton Road all... Continue Reading →

TTT Ride Tuesday, January 28 @ 9:00am

The ride for Tuesday, January 28, will be out to Santa Margarita Lake and then back to Malibu Brew for coffee.  Here are the particulars: We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Veteran’s Memorial at Atascadero Lake Park. We will go out to Santa Rosa, turn left and follow it to a right turn onto El Camino Real. After a detour through Garden Farms, we will make a left turn on Highway... Continue Reading →

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