TempAdero Ride Rules

The TempAdero Ride is a group of like-minded cyclists who get together on Saturdays for a group ride. These road cycling rides take place in North San Luis Obispo County and cover the cities of Atascadero, Templeton, and Paso Robles, as well as outlying areas including Cambria, San Miguel, Pozo, Creston and Shandon, The road surface varies from good to rough and roads often have little to no shoulder.

All are welcome, but please be aware: you ride at your own risk, you need to be healthy enough to ride 60 miles at a moderate to high effort, you need to be comfortable riding in a group, your bike needs to be in good working order, and you need to be self-sufficient in regards to navigation, flat repair, and other issues as you may get separated from the group(s). The general ride details are below:

Speed: If there are enough riders there will be two groups: 15-16 mph and 17+ mph over hilly terrain. This is what the typical calculated average speed will be at the end of the ride for the main group.
Distance: 60-ish miles. On ocassion a ride may be as short as 55 or as long as 65.
Stops: 2-4 brief stops per ride. A group of riders may depart a stop after 3 minutes, without waiting for other riders/groups to arrive.
Style: Training. Riders are not obligated to wait for other riders/groups at the stops. 
Effort: Steady-state. No sprints, intervals, attacks, riding people off your wheel.
Location: Atascadero Zoo (all but the last Saturday), Templeton Park (5th St), Templeton (last Saturday of the month).
Start Times: Meet at 8:30am during cold months and 8:00am during warmer months. Start is 5 minutes after the meet time. Times may change due to extreme weather.
Courtesy: We stop when someone gets a flat or a mechanical.
If you seek a faster ride, we simply ask that you leave prior to the main start. We welcome riders who want to ride at a slower pace, but please know you may end up on your own during the course of the ride. However, the more riders we have the more likely you will have someone with which to ride.