Cycling Groups

Road Cycling Group Rides in and around Atascadero, Templeton, and Paso Robles

TempAdero Ride: meets every Saturday. All but the last Saturday meets at the Atascadero Zoo. For the last Saturday of the month, we meet at Templeton Park in Templeton. The ride distance is 60ish miles, an average speed of 16-17.5, with 2-4 brief stops. Start time is typically 8am during the warmer months and 8:30am during the colder months. Ride rules can be found here and ride listings here Rides are currently suspended (September 4, 2019). Details can be found here.

Team Tuesday Thursday aka Hoodlums Meets every T,TH in Atascadero at the Veteran’s Memorial, adjacent to the zoo. The ride distance is generally 40-45 miles, with average speeds of 16-19 mph, and occasional regroups. The start time varies seasonally, with 8am starts during the hot months, 8:30am start during the transition months and 9am during the cold months.

Riders with Heart on T and Th Meets Tuesday and Thursday about 8:30 am, averages 13-15 mph on rides of between 30-40 miles with occasional regrouping. This group usually leaves from the Veterans’ Memorial next to the Zoo in Atascadero.

Team K-Man is a cycling and swim club. The club provides weekly Saturday rides from K-Man Atascadero. The ride generally has two groups with speeds averaging 16-18.5 mph and 15-17 mph. The distance is usually 65-75 miles with a food stop, and early-out options. Typically, start times are 8am during warmer months and 8:30am during colder months. The club also provides MWF swimming at 6am and occasional hikes. Learn more here.

SLOBC is a cycling club based out of San Luis Obispo with a variety of rides in north county, as well as the rest of the county. View their ride calendar for details.