Team K-Man Ride, Sat, October 19 @ 8:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, October 19, goes to Shandon by way of the Chicago Grade and Highway 41. From Shandon, riders can decide for themselves whether to turn around and head back to Atascadero in an out-and-back route, or to loop around and return by way of Shell Creek Road and Highway 58. The most direct out-and-back route covers 55.2 miles and includes 3267 feet of elevation gain. Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, October 12 @ 8:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, October 12, is the Union Loop, taking the long way around to Paso Robles by way of Highways 58 and 229 and Creston, Stagecoach, Linne, Geneseo and Union Roads. The prescribed return route to Atascadero is by way of Peachy Canyon Road. The complete route covers 69.9 miles and includes 4126 feet of climbing. Riders will gather at KMan Cycle and Run in Atascadero beginning at 8:30 a.m., and depart at 8:38.  There will... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, October 5 @ 8:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, October 5, will follow Louise’s classic “Ride, Ride, Ride” route, tracking Highway 58 for more than 16 miles before looping back around to Creston on La Panza Road. From Creston the prescribed route back to Atascadero goes by way of Highway 229, Highway 58 and Santa Margarita. That direct route covers 54.9 miles and includes 3020... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, September 28 @ 8:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, September 28, is the Chimney Rock/Cypress Mt/Klau Mine Loop, counterclockwise, from Vineyard Drive. The full route goes out to the end of Chimney Rock Road and back, then loops around on Cypress Mountain and Klau Mine Roads, returning through Paso Robles via the climb and descent on Adelaida Road. Those who don’t want to go to... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, September 21 @ 8:00am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, September 21, is the Estrella, Hog Canyon, Cross Canyons Loop, by way of Charolais, Linne, Geneseo and Union Roads. For those who do the complete route, there will be a stop in San Miguel. Those who want food there will have the opportunity to savor burritos at the culinary destination of Dos Hermanos Restaurant (among other options). The riders... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, September 14, 8:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, September 14, will be a coastal route intended to beat the extreme heat that is expected inland. The ride will start at Morro Bay High School and head up the coast to Highway 46. After the climb on 46 we will descend Old CreekRoad and head back to Morro Bay. There will be a coffee break in Morro Bay, after a little more than 40 miles... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, September 7 @ 8:00am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, September 7, will be the Pozo Loop clockwise, via the Chicago Grade and O’Donovan and Huer Huero Roads. There will be a regrouping stop in Creston and a stop for water and self-supplied nourishment at the ranger station in Pozo. For those who want to ride a shorter or longer version of the route, there are many ways to adapt... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, August 31 @ 7:30am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, August 31, will go to the Highway 46 Summit by way of Peachy Canyon Road (toward the west), Jack Creek and York Mountain Roads. There will be a turnaround at the overlook just beyond the Highway 46 Summit, followed by a return to Atascadero via Vineyard Drive and Templeton Road. Coffee and/or nourishment can be gotten... Continue Reading →

Team K-Man Ride, Sat, August 24 @ 8:00am

The Team KMan Bike Ride for Saturday, August 24, will highlight the climb up Chimney Rock Road from Nacimiento Lake Road. The route goes north on River Road to San Miguel (where there is a regrouping stop). From there it goes southwest via San Marcos Road to Nacimiento Lake Road, then west to Chimney Rock. After the climb up Chimney Rock, the prescribed return route... Continue Reading →

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