TempAdero Ride, Sat, February 20 @ 8:30am – Adelaida Loop CW

Date: Saturday, February 20
Time: 8:30am, roll at 8:35am
Location: Atascadero Zoo
Route: Adelaida Loop CW https://www.strava.com/routes/2797671070190950846
Distance: 49.6  miles, 3400 feet elevation gain
Ride Leader: Jonathan

Note the 8:30 meeting time.

Head out east on 41, left on Templeton rd, and left to pick up Vineyard and cross 46 (stop 1- 11.5 miles). Then ride the length of Vineyard to Adelaida (stop 2 – 20.4 miles). Next, climb and descend Adelaida, go right on Nacimiento Lake and right on Vine (stop 3 – 31.3 miles). Take Vine to a left on 1st-Niblick, right on River, left on Neal Spring, right on Creston, right on S El Pomar to the Pomar junction (stop 4 – 41.3 miles). Then take S El Pomar, to a left on Homestead and right on 41 back to the start.


  • Endurance Group: Avg. speed 15-16 mph on hilly courses (over 3000ft of climbing). Avg. speed of 17-17.5 mph on flatter courses. Jonathan.
  • Tempo Group: Avg. speed 17-18 mph on hilly courses (over 3000ft of climbing). Avg. speed of 18.5+ mph on flatter courses. Lead by those who show.

The Tempo group will depart first. If one starts with the Tempo group and finds it to be too fast, they can always drop back and ride with the Endurance group. The groups should seek to ride together, as a contiguous group, taking short pulls, and working together as much as possible. Let’s leave egos behind, and simply enjoy our time out on the bike.

Covid-19 Guidelines

• Upon arriving at the meeting point maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet between yourself and other riders.

• Ride in small gruppettos. Riders should form small groups of no more than 5 riders. So if 6 show, split into groups of 3 and 3 or 4 and 2 depending on desired pace. If a rider(s) joins mid-route and it brings the gruppetto total above 5, please separate into two gruppettos.

• Gruppetos will depart 2-3 minutes apart in descending order of speed.

• Maintain social distancing at stops along the route.

As always, participants ride at their own risk, but please utilize extra care and be socially responsible.

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