TempAdero Ride, Sat, March 7 @ 9:00am – Lower Hog Canyon

Date: Saturday, March 7
Time: 9:00am, roll at 9:05am
Location: Templeton Park
Route: Lower Hog Canyon – https://www.strava.com/routes/12087104
Distance: 60.2 miles
We are a go. Depending on weather, the route may be shortened with a left on Jardine, right on Tower, right on Airport, left on Wellsona, and right on River. And if needed, we can head back via Vine/Ramada.
We will head out 5th street to right on Main to left on Templeton Rd. We will continue straight on El Pomar all the way to Cripple Creek (1st stop – 10 miles). We then go left on Cripple Creek, right on Creston Rd, left on Geneseo and turn right to stay on Geneseo, up and down the hill to right on Union, right on 46, then wrap around under 46 with a right on Whitley Gardens, right on Ross and then head left to Estrella (stop 2 – 22.5 miles). We then take Estrella to a right on Jardine, right on Hog Canyon, left on Von Dollen to Ranchita Canyon (stop 3 – 35.1 miles) We then go right on Ranchita, left on Cross Canyon, left on Pleasant, and right on Estrella to River Rd (stop 4 – 43 miles). Then we go left on River, take the bike path at the intersection with Union and rejoin River at Navajo. We continue south on River to right on Neal Spring, right on El Pomar and right on Main St and back to the park via 5th.
Two group options
Standard group: 15-16.5 mph avg
Tempo group: 17.5+ mph avg

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