tempAdero ride, Sat, January 18 @ 9:30am – Pozo O&B

Due to reports that fog will linger, the start time has been moved to 9:30am.

Date: Saturday, January 18
Time: 9:30am, roll at 9:35am
Location: Atascadero Zoo
Route: Pozo O&B
Distance: 56.4 miles

We head out east on 41 to a quick right on Portola, right on Lake View, left on Santa Rosa and right on El Camino. We will detour through Garden Farms via Walnut and rejoin El Camino south to a left on 58 (1st stop – 8.3 miles – Santa Margarita Park) We take 58 to head south and continue south on Pozo and ride to the top of the Rinconada grade (stop 2 – 19.3 miles). We then continue onward to Cal Fire in Pozo (stop 3 – 25.5). We then head back whence we came. We will again stop briefly at the top of the Rinconada grade (stop 4 – 31.8 miles). We then cruise back to Santa Margarita Park (stop 5 – 42.9 miles). Then we take El Camino north, right on Sandoval, left on Santa Clara, right on Los Palos, right on Camino Viejo, right on Halcon, left on Rocky Canyon, to left on 41, and take the back way to Malibu Brew (or head straight back to the start via 41).

Two group options
Standard group: 15-16.5 mph avg
Tempo group: 17.5+ mph avg

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