TempAdero Ride, Sat, Dec 14 @ 8:30am – Up Chimney

Date: Saturday, December 14
Time: 8:30am, roll at 8:35am
Location: Templeton Park
Distance: 57.5 miles
We head out 5th Street to a left on Main, right on Ramada, left on 46, right on Vine, right on 13th, right onto the bike path up to River Rd (stop 1 – 6.5 miles). We then continue north on River all the way into San Miguel, go left on Mission, right on 10th Street to K St (stop 2 – 16.7 miles). We then take the frontage rd south onto 101 South and turn right onto San Marcos, then continue right on Nacimiento Lake Rd, left on Chimney Rock, left on Adelaida to Tablas Creek (stop 3 – 33.5 miles), We then climb and descend Adelaida, turn right on Nacimiento Lake, and right on Vine (stop 4 – 44.6 miles). We then travel south on Vine, turn right on Kiler Canyon, left on Arbor, right on 46, left on Vineyard, left on Winery Rd, continue straight on to Las Tablas, right on Florence, left on Old County back to the start.
Two group options
Standard group: 15-16.5 mph avg
Tempo group: 17.5+ mph avg

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