TempAdero Closed for Remodel

I need to take some time off the bike and away from running to give myself some much needed rest. I will then take my time rebuilding fitness.
There has been some interest expressed in having me start up a similar ride again. If there is still interest come come November, I will likely set up a new group ride beginning some time in November, December or January.
The structure of the new ride would continue to be around 60 miles (+/- 5 miles) with a 15-16mph avg with max-speed pacelines on the flats at around 18mph. I would this ride to be a LSD ride [Long Sustained (or Slow) Distance] The idea would be to keep the effort at a moderate level. For those with heart rate monitors, the effort would be in zone 3 “Green” (70-79% of max heart rate) or lower for the whole ride.
I enjoyed participating in the TempAdero ride and will miss cycling with the group.
Keep Cycling

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