TempAdero Ride, Sat, Aug 31 @ 8:00am – Linne Detour

Date: Saturday, August 31
Time: 8:00am, roll at 8:05am
Location: Templeton Park
Distance: 58.8 miles
Last ever TempAdero ride.
We will head out 5th street to a right on Main, left on Templeton Rd, continue straight on El Pomar to a left on Neal Spring, left on River, right on Charolais, left on Creston, right on Meadowlark, left on Airport to Linne (stop 1 – 10.7 miles). We then go right on Linne, left on Genseo, right on Union, right on 46, right on Whitley Gardens and loop around to Estrella (stop 2 – 24.4 miles).  We then take Estrella to a right on Jardine, right on Hog Canyon to Van Dollen (stop 3 – 34.7 miles). We then go left on Van Dollen, left on Ranchita Canyon, right on Estrella, left on Airport, right on Buena Vista and weave our way to River Oaks (stop 4 – 47.1 miles). Discuss if we need to get fluids. Then it’s right on River Oaks, left on River, right on 13th, left on Vine, right on 46 to a left on Booker, left on Las Tablas, right on Florence and arrive back at the start. 
After taking a bike trip in September, I will be taking some time off the bike and away from running to give myself an overdue break. After which I will take my time rebuilding fitness. If there is interest in a weekly, slower Saturday 60-mile ride , I will start one up at the beginning of the new year. By slower, I mean 15-16mph avg with max-speed pacelines on the flats at around 18mph.

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