TempAdero Ride, Sat, July 20 @ 8:30am – The Big Loop

Date: Saturday, July 20
Time: 8:30am, roll at 8:35am
Location: Atascadero Zoo
Route: The Big Loop https://www.strava.com/routes/18168485
Distance: 60.2 miles

Due to the mild weather forecast the start has been delayed to 8:30am.

We head out east on 41 to a left on Atascadero Ave, right on Atascadero Mall, left on Ardilla, right on Traffic Way, left on El Camino, left onto 101, exit at Vineyard an go left on Vineyard to left on 46 (stop 1 – 9.6 miles). We then take 46 west to a left on Old Creek and climb and descend Old Creek to Hwy 1 (stop 2 – 24.6 miles). We then take a left on HWY 1 and proceed all the way to a left on Highland (stop 3 – 40.8 miles). We then take Highland to a right on California, left on Monterey and then take 101 up the grade and exit onto 58 (stop 4 – 51.3 miles). We then continue on El Camino to a left on Santa Rosa and head back to the start.

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