TempAdero Ride, Sat, June 22 @ 8:00am – Creston-Pozo

Date: Saturday, June 22
Time: 8:00am, roll at 8:05am
Location: Atascadero Zoo
Route: Creston-Pozo https://www.strava.com/routes/13786992
Distance: 62.2

Head out east on 41, all the way to a right on 229 and a left on O’Donovan (stop 1 – 12.8 miles).  We then continue south on O’Donovan, to right on 58, left on HuerHuero and climb up to Parkhill Rd (stop 2 – 25.7 miles). We then turn left on Parkhill rd and wrap around to Pozo Rd onto the fire station in Pozo (stop 3 – 37.0 miles). We then continue north on Pozo Rd, up and down the Rinconada grade and onto Santa Margarita Park (stop 4 – 54.3 miles) We then go right on El Camino all the way to left on Santa Rosa, right on 41 and back to the start.

There will be two group options based on speed:  a 17+mph avg group and a 15-16 mph avg group. I will be riding in the 15-16 mph group.

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