TTT Ride Tuesday, March 26 @ 8:30am

The ride for Tuesday, March 26, will be a Tour of the Atascadero Hills, anti-clockwise, with coffee at Cricket’s.  Details below:

Meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial of the Atascadero Lake Park.  Ride out Amapoa, turn right on Curbaril and follow it as it turns intoSycamore.  Continue on Sycamore to a left turn on Capristrano, left on Mercedes and left on Hwy 41.   We’ll make another left onto Templeton Road and take it all the way to El Pomar/Vineyard.  Then it’s south on Hwy 101 to San Ramon and then left, to a right turn on Del Rio.  Turn right again on Monterey/Garcia, and follow this to a left turn on Santa Cruz.  We’ll continue on Santa Cruz all the way to the top, where it turns into Santa Ana.  Take Santa Ana to a left turn on Balboa, followed by a right turn on San Fernando.  From San Fernando turn right on Graves Creek, followed by a left on Santa Ana and another left on Santa Lucia.  Turn right on San Gabriel, up and over the hill to a right turn on Monita.  Follow Monita to a right on Sierra Visa and a left on San Marcos.  Stay on San Marcos all the way to a left on Los Altos.

Then it’s down the hill to a left on Hwy 41 and a right on Old Morro Road East, followed by a right turn on Los Osos.  Stay on Los Osos as it turns into San Rafael, and then turn right on San Gabriel.  Follow San Gabriel to a right turn on Atascadero Ave.  We will take Atascadero Avenue into Santa Barbara and turn right on San Antonio.  Follow this to a right on Carmel, left on Morningside, left on Santa Margarita and another left onto ECR.  Then it’s a right turn on Viejo Camino and onto Cricket’s for coffee.

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