Team K-Man Ride, Sat, December 15 @ 8:30am

The Team KMaBikRide for Saturday, December 15, is the Estrella, Hog Canyon, Cross Canyons Loop. The ride should reach Estrella Road at approximately 10:00 a.m., to enable riders to compete in the Trifecta Time Trial on Estrella Road. Upon conclusion of the time trial, the ride will resume and take a circuitous route to San Miguel. There, those who want nourishment will have the opportunity to savor burritos at the culinary destination of Dos Hermanos Restaurant (among other options).

From San Miguel, the ride goes back to KMan Atascadero via River Road. The route is 69.7 miles and 3492 feet of climbing. For those who want a longer ride, there are other return route options, most notably, via San Marcos and Lake Nacimiento Roads, or San Marcos and Chimney Rock Roads.  

Team KMan has been encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, while having fun, since 2003.  For Information on Team KMan and how to join please visit us at

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