TempAdero Ride, Sat, November 17 @ 8:30am – Atascadero – Hwy 41-46

Date: Saturday, November 17
Time: 8:30am, roll at 8:35am
Location: Atascadero Zoo
Route: Hwy 41-46 https://www.strava.com/routes/16197420
Distance: 60.2 miles

We head out west on 41, take the Old Morro Rd detour up the climb, return to 41 and continue west to Morro Bay and Main St (stop 1 – 15.2 miles). We then continue north on Main, Hwy 1 and Ocean St to the bike path detour into Cayucos, and then take Pacific Ave to the Cayucos Dr  intersection (stop 2 – 20.2 miles – restrooms) We then continue north on Hwy 1 to a right on Hwy 46 (stop 3 – 31.5 miles). We then climb up 46 to the overlook just before the top (stop 4 – 40 miles). We then continue east on 46, to a right on Vineyard, right on Templeton Rd and right on 41 back to the start. (There is also the option to head south on 101, before Templeton Rd, and stop at Joe Bellas, on El Camino, for coffee, before heading back to the Zoo).

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