Team K-Man Ride, Sat, October 6 @ 9:00am

Team KMan Bike Ride Notice

The ride for Saturday, October 6, will go up Las Pilitas, then down Huer Huero, into Creston via O’Donovan, and then into Paso Robles by way of Linne-Geneseo. Here are the particulars:

Those who will be participating in the Trifecta Time Trial can plan on meeting at KMan Cyclery in Atascadero and leaving there at 8:30 a.m. By proceeding directly from there straight down El Camino Real, they should arrive on time for the start of the time trial at 9:00 am near Santa Margarita Park.

The non time trialists among us will leave from KMan Atascadero at 9:00 a.m., with the goal of gathering up surviving time trial participants along the way. We will head south on El Camino Real. We will turn left on Viejo Caminoleft on Santa Barbara, then bend around to Sandoval and follow it out to El Camino Real, where we will turn left. We will then turn left on Highway 58 and right at Pozo Road, which we will follow out to Las Pilitas Road. We will pick up the time trial survivors at the Pozo Road-Las Pilitas intersection and then head up the climb. At the end of Las Pilitas, we will turn left onto Park Hill Road to Huer Huero Road, where we will regroup before descending down to Highway 58. We will turn right at 58 and take it to O’Donovan Road, where we will turn left and proceed into Creston.

We will regroup and reorganize at the General Store in Creston, bidding farewell there to those who might want to do a shorter route by heading back to Atascadero from there. Those wanting to do a longer ride will then proceed north on Highway 229 to Highway 41, where we will turn right, then left onto Creston Road. We will continue on Creston to Geneseo Road, where we will turn right. We will then take Geneseo down through the ditch and continue straight onto Linne Road, which we will follow into Paso Robles, turning right on Airport Roadleft on Niblick, and right on Creston to 13 Street. There we will go east across the 13 Street bridge and head to the Paso Pizza Kitchen, 625 12th Street, for refreshments. After refreshments, we will decide what is the preferred route back to Atascadero.

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