Team K-Man Ride, Sat, Sep 8 @ 8:00am

TIME: 8:00AM
RIDE LEADERS: Louise and Terry

Let’s do some climbing as we ride out toward the Coast and detour UP THE WALL before returning back to the shop or extending the ride up Peachy and into Paso!

We will gather at the K-Man Shop Atascadero at 8:00 and roll at 8:08, heading left on El Camino to right on Curbaril to left on Santa Ysabel to right on 41 to left on Templeton Road all the way to left on El Pomar (re-group). We will continue straight as the road becomes Vineyard to left on Highway 46 (regroup after making the turn).  Then we will proceed West on 46 to right on York Mountain and then right on Highway 46 (regroup before making the turn).  We will then continue following Highway 46 to right on Santa Rosa which we will ride all the way to the top of the WALLwhere we will regroup and enjoy the accomplishment.  Then we will head straight back to left on Highway 46.

44 miles with 3700’ of climbing:  Those riders wishing to head back to the shop will continue all the way on Highway 46 to the right on Vineyard and retrace the route back to the shop. See the Ride with GPS link for details:

75 miles with 6000’ of climbing:  Those riders wishing to extend the ride will take a left on Jack Creek to left on Vineyard and then a right on Willow to right on Peachy and up and over into Paso to left on Olive and right on 12th for refreshments at Pizza Kitchen/Spearhead or the Gas Station, 46 miles into the ride.  The official ride will then continue left on Spring to right on 13th street to the bike path under 13th to straight on Union which we will take all the way to right on Geneseo to right on Creston Rd to left on Cripple Creek to right on El Pomar to left on South El Pomar all the way to left on Homestead then right on 41 and back to the shop. See the Ride with GPS link for details:

Please join us!

The above ride posting is “Powered” by the folks at Team K-Man, encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun since 2003.  For Information on Team K-Man and how to join please visit us at

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