Team K-Man Ride, Sat, July 28 @ 7:30am


TIME: 7:30am
Ride Leaders: Louise and Terry

Let’s get an early start and ride up Peachy, down Klau Mine, around Cypress then up Chimney Rock and Adelaida to Paso for refreshments!

We will gather at K-Man Atascadero at 7:30am and roll left on El Camino at 7:38.  We will turn right on Curbaril to left on Santa Ysabel to right on 41 to left on Templeton Rd. to right on Lupine.  We will go right on El Pomar to the quick left on Hollyhock to left on Neil Spring to right on River Road (regroup) that we will take all the way to Niblick in Paso Robles.  We will go left on Niblick all the way to Vine where we will go right to left on 6th street to left on Pacific (regroup) that then becomes Peachy.  We will climb up and over Peachy (regroup at the top), descending to Vineyard (regroup) where we will go right.  We will take Vineyard to Adelaida where we go left and head to Tablas Creek Winery at approximately 30 miles for a brief regroup and water stop.  We will then continue to Klau Mine where we will bear left and head down the hill to Cypress Mt which we will take until we reach Chimney Rock (regroup)  At Chimney Rock we will go right and head up the hill past Justin Winery to Adelaida.  We will go right and take Adelaida and again stop for water and a regroup at Tablas Creek Winery at approximately 41 miles after which we will continue all the way up Adelaida (regroup at the top) and down to right on Nacimiento Lake Road and into Paso for refreshments on 12th street at the Pizza Kitchen or other establishment of personal choice, 53 miles into the ride.  The preferred route home will be 13th to River etc.  Upon returning to the shop we will have ridden 67 miles with 5000’ of climbing.   Please see the following link for route details:

Those who wish a shortened route can head back home on Vineyard after riding up and over Peachy for a 42 mile ride or head home directly on Vineyard after riding the Adelaida, Klau Mine, Cypress, Chimney Rock loop for a 62 mile ride.

Those who wish an extended route may enjoy the out and back on Chimney Rock prior to heading up the Chimney Rock hill to the Justin Winery and into Paso for refreshments, adding approximately 10 miles and 1000’ of climbing to their day.

Please join us!

The above ride posting is “Powered” by the folks at Team K-Man, encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun since 2003.  For Information on Team K-Man and how to join please visit us at


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