Team K-Man Ride, Sat, July 21 @ 8:00am


TIME: 8:00am
Ride Leaders: Louise and Terry

Let’s ride Parkhill to Pozo with a water stop at the Fire Station (30 miles) and an option for food at the Porch (48 miles) before returning to the shop by way of Rocky Canyon for a 62 mile ride!

We will gather at Atascadero K-Man shop at 8:00 and roll at 8:08, heading south down El Camino to left on Viejo El Camino to left on Santa Barbara to Los Palos, Santa Clara, Sandoval and back to El Camino to left on 58 where we will regroup at Santa Margarita Park.  We will then continue on 58 to right on Parkhill (regroup) to Las Pilitas (regroup) at 19 miles.  We will then continue on Parkhill around to Pozo Road and on to the Fire Station at 30 miles where we can refill water bottles.  After a break we will continue on Pozo Road up and over the Rinconada Summit (regroup) and on into Santa Margarita for refreshments at the Porch at mile 48.  After refueling we will continue on El Camino to right on Sandoval to Santa Clara, Los Palos to Viejo El Camino where folks can either head back directly to the shop or put in a few more miles with a right on Halcon to Rocky Canyon to 41 and back to the shop.

Please see the below Ride with GPS link for route details:

Parkhill/Pozo/Rocky Canyon: 61.5 miles with 3340’ of climbing:

Please join us!

The above ride posting is “Powered” by the folks at Team K-Man, encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun since 2003.  For Information on Team K-Man and how to join please visit us at

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