TempAdero Ride, Sat, June 30 @ 8:00am – Paso Robles – The Whole Hog

Date: Saturday, June 30
Time: 8:00am, roll at 8:05am
Location: River Rd, across from Kennedy Club Fitness
Route: The Whole Hog https://www.strava.com/routes/14034154
Distance: 60.2 miles

This is the 5th Saturday of a month, so we have a special start location. You can park on Oak Hill or in the Walmart lot across River Rd from Kennedy Club Fitness.

We will head south on River to a left on Charolais, left on Creston, right on Meadowlark, left on Airport, right on Linne and left on Geneseo to the top of the climb (Stop 1 – 10.9 miles). We then go down Geneseo to a right on Union, right on 46, loop under 46 to Estrella and take Estrella to Jardine (Stop 2 – 24.1 miles). We then go north to a right on Hog Canyon all the way to a left on Ranchita Canyon and then continue straight on Cross Canyon to River Rd (Stop 3 – 44.6 miles). We then head south on River, to left on Estrella, right on Airport, right on Wellsona, and then rejoin River continuing south. We take the bike path detour to Navajo, and then it’s right on River and back to the start. Possible post-ride refreshments at Cider Creek or a place to be determined.

TempAdero Rides: Moderate Effort • Limited Stops • Short Pulls

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