TTT Ride Tuesday, June 5 @ 8:30am

The ride for Tuesday, June 5, will be out to the Rinconada Summit and back, with refreshments at Cricket’s.  Here are the details:

Meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial of the Atascadero Lake Park. Ride east on Amapoa, turn right on Curbaril, through the intersection with El Camino Real and follow Curbaril as it turns into Sycamore. Turn left on Capistrano and another left on Mercedes, followed by a left on Highway 41.  Turn right on Rocky Canyon and follow it to Halcon, where we turn right again and cross the river.  Turn left on Via Camino to a left on Santa Barbara, past Grandpa’s Pond, and onto Los Palos.  Turn left on Santa Clara, right on Sandoval and left on El Camino Real.  We’ll wind through Garden Farms and then back onto ECR to Hwy 58.  A left turn will take us out Pozo Road, to the Rinconada summit, where we will regroup, and then back to ECR, which we will follow all the way to Cricket’s, in Atascadero, for coffee.

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