Team K-Man Ride, Sat, May 19 @ 8:30am – Shandon

TIME:  8:30am Roll Out


Let’s ride the Bitterwater Loop from Shandon!  For a unique opportunity to ride the remote country roads East of Shandon with SAG support,please gather at 8:15am at Shandon’s City Park and ROLL at 8:30 am.  We will ride east out of town, bearing left until we reach Hwy 46 where we turn right on 46 and ride 4.2 miles to the right turn onto Bitterwater Rd.  Then we continue on Bitterwater Rd, bearing right at an intersection at 14.6 miles (SAG stop) and continue all the way up the gradual summit to 2365 ft. and then descend to Hwy 58 where we turn right (West) at mile 37. (SAG stop before turn)  We will ride the rolling hills of Hwy 58 for 18 miles to the right on Shell Creek Road (SAG stop)and then it is a 15 mile ride back to Shandon for a total of 71.6 miles with 3200’ of climbing.  The remote hillsides should be beautiful and hopefully still decked with some green and wildflower colors.  Please see the Ride with GPS link below for route details.

Rick Prier has graciously agreed to provide SAG support for the ride.  He will have water and a large ice chest with ice for everyone to share and all riders are encouraged to bring their own refueling food and drink favorites to give to Rick at the start location.  Additional treats to share with everyone else are always welcome. In past years we have had quite a spread!  Rick will be driving in the vicinity of the group and be available for needed assistance as requested by the riders.  The main food/lunch break will be at 37 miles, shortly before Hwy 58.  Rick will also be at the 14.6 mile mark and the turn onto Shell Creek at 55 miles.  Please arrive in Shandon with enough time to give your supplies to Rick so that he can stow them away in his vehicle before the 8:30 start.  The van will also be able to transport any extra clothing and bike supplies.

The above ride posting is “Powered” by the folks of Team K-Man, encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun since 2003.  For Information on Team K-Man and how to join please visit us at

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