Majorca: the land of too many cyclists?

Today marks our second day of cycling on Majorca. The most common phrase uttered within the group has been “I have never seen so many cyclists in on place”. Every road we have ridden or driven has been covered in swarms of riders.

Are there too many cyclists? Maybe. As we travel up and down the roads there have been some tight squeezes with cyclists coming the other way. Fortunately the motorists are patient and few, so they do not add much to the nearly chaotic conditions.

Yesterday we rode a short 29 miles to the Alcudia, on the east coast of the island. We were the benefactor of a massive tailwind on the way out. Thus, we had to fight the wind as we looped back. The crosswind was worse than the headwind, as we had to lean our bikes into the wind to keep a straight line. Then a few gusts came close to pushing us off the road.

Today was a much better weather day and we had a fantastic ride. We headed west from the hotel and through a few quaint towns. Then we headed north into the mountains. We took on a few two to three mile climbs, which followed were with nice descents. The highlight of the day were the switchbacks of Coll de Sóller.

Tomorrow looks to bring us rain. The plan is to ride short to hopefully beat the rain. And then Wednesday looms with 9000+ feet of climbing, but we should be rewarded with spectacular scenery.

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