TempAdero Ride, Sat, April 21 @ 8:30am – Atascadero – La Panza Clockwise

Date: Saturday, April 21
Time: 8:30am, roll at 8:35am
Location: Atascadero Middle School
Route: La Panza Clockwise: https://www.strava.com/routes/12763939
Distance: 57.6 miles

Head out to a left on Capistrano, right on Mercedes, left on 41 and stay on 41 up the Creston-Eureka grade all the way to a right on La Panza (stop 1 – 10.5 miles) , We then take La Panza to a right on 58, to a left on Huer Huero (stop 2 – 28.3 miles). We then climb Huer Huero to a left on Parkhill and a right on Las Pilitas (stop 3 – 34.4 miles). We then go down Las Pilitas to a right on Pozo rd and into Santa Margarita (stop 4 – 46.5 miles). We then go right on El Camino, left on Santa Margarita, right on Morningside, right on Carmel, left on San Antonio, left on Atascadero ave, left on San Gabriel, right on 41, left on Capistrano and veer left onto Lewis Ave back to the start.

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